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4 Benefits of Adding a Fence Around a Commercial Property

Curved Wrought Iron Fence
You know fences make good neighbors when you're talking about your residence. However, a fence can also be an advantage for all manner of businesses. Most types of businesses, from retail to construction to rental, can benefit from adding an attractive and functional fence. The key is to choose the right kind of fence for your needs.
Below are four benefits of adding fencing around your commercial property as well as the best types of fencing to fulfill that need.

1. Improving the Appearance of the Property

When you're trying to attract customers, appearance is everything. Customers will naturally gravitate toward an attractive and well-maintained business. Part of that overall picture is fencing. If you're running a retail or food service business, consider an ornamental fence, such as wrought iron, or a more homey style of fence, such as picket. Both styles are inviting to potential patrons.
With other types of businesses, an attractive fence is still a benefit. For example, you may want an ornamental security fence around a rental or office property. Such a fence adds beauty as well as a sense of security to potential clients. Manufacturing and other types of business might get away with more utilitarian fences, though fencing in general gives the property a finished appearance.

2. Controlling Access of Passersby

You want potential clients to walk right up to your front door. General passersby, not so much. In fact, depending on the orientation of your business, passersby may make a habit of cutting across your property. Such foot traffic increases the wear and tear on your landscaping or paving. Naturally, fencing prevents such shortcuts.
Fencing helps you control the access of your clients as well. You guide them right to the walkway you want them to use. From there, it's a matter of welcoming them up the walkway. You can do this with lighting and landscaping. For example, you can have well-lit fence posts on either side of the gate and bordering plants that keep customers on the walkway.

3. Preventing Graffiti and Other Vandalism

Some passersby and trespassers are less concerned with getting to the other side of your property and more concerned with leaving their mark on it. Graffiti and other forms of vandalism can significantly mar the appearance of your property. Depending on the damage, it can also cost you money in repairs and even lost sales. You no doubt want to prevent these occurrences.
Security fencing is a big boon here. You could install metal fencing with pointed finials, privacy fencing, or chain-link with links that are too narrow for climbing. Additionally, you should consider incorporating other security measures, including security cameras. Likewise, if vandalism is a problem in your area, consider installing bright perimeter lighting all around your property.

4. Hiding Unsightly Parts of the Property

In that vein, another way you control the access of both passersby and clients is by restricting what they see. At the bare minimum, your business has a dumpster and maybe a smoking area for employees. Your customers don't need to see that. You may also have a site for storing building supplies or other necessities for your business.
To that end, you may want a combination fence. The part of your fence that faces the road or parking lot can be more open, while privacy fencing can hide the rest. For example, you may want standard chain-link for the circumference of your property. However, you may incorporate privacy slats to hide back areas you don't want the general public to see.
Food service or retail businesses benefit from some control of access and the improved appearance that fencing provides. Other businesses may benefit more from security and privacy. Decide on your fencing needs based on your business type. Contact Gulf Coast Fence Co. for assistance with all your commercial fencing needs.


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