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Razor Ribbon Wire for Your Business

Razor Wire
Razor ribbon wire is synonymous with prison yards and other maximum security enclosures. But did you know that this specialty deterrent fencing will provide protection from intruders just as effectively as it can keep inmates secure within a perimeter? Take a look at how razor ribbon wire placement can benefit your business.
Parking Lots
Razor ribbon wire can be strung around your parking lot fence and rolling gate as a way to add an extra layer of protection for businesses especially vulnerable to break-ins and robberies like pawn shops, jewelry stores, and even banks.  When your parking area is sealed off from vehicles and pedestrians after hours, you eliminate the threat of loitering and casing so common prior to an attempted break-in.
Don't own a business that deals in money and other valuables? You may still want to protect your parking lot from unwanted traffic after hours, especially if your parking lot is your business. Pay lots need the protection that razor wire offers to keep non-paying customers away from your space.
Inner-City Areas
Major cities can be a rich source of high traffic for business and, unfortunately, inner-city related crimes like graffiti. If your business has been a target for graffiti and other types of vandalism in the past, consider adding razor ribbon wire to the perimeter of your business and parking lot chain link fence. 
Not only does razor wire fencing act as an effective deterrent against graffiti on your building and storefront, but this type of fencing is difficult to damage. Unlike vinyl and wood fencing materials, chainlink fencing topped with razor wire has less surface area vulnerable to spray paint art and other common forms of vandalism.
Businesses Near Homeless Populations
Your business might be located near shelters or other areas that service homeless populations, which can put your investment at risk for transient activity. Victims of homelessness often search for weaknesses in doors and windows as they seek shelter from rain and cold weather. Once a structure is marked as an easy target, it can be difficult to permanently keep intruders away.
If this is the case, you can use razor ribbon wire to help keep your business safe from intruders looking for an easy place to crash. Transients will leave your property alone if they cannot approach the doors and windows at all because of the threat of razor ribbon wire.
Businesses With Animals
Does your place of business rely on the presence of animals to make a profit? Petting zoos, hobby farms, and even pet shelters have special needs when animals are involved. While most domesticated animals like cats, dogs, donkeys, or horses are tame and safe to approach, animals can be unpredictable and dangerous when provoked. You have an even greater liability if you own wild animals.
During normal business hours, you and your trained staff are there to prevent guests from being seriously injured from kicks, bites, or other kinds of animal-involved calamities. When you are not present to intervene during a possible incident between your animal and other people, you need the protection that razor ribbon wire provides 24 hours a day. You can use razor wire to safely contain animals within their enclosures as well as place it around your entire property to keep unwary people safe.
If you are looking for solutions to help keep your parking lot, business structure, or farm safe from various threats, check out what else Gulf Coast Fence Co. has to offer. Talk to our experts about adding chain link, razor ribbon wire, gates, and other forms of security to your property.


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