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Reasons to Upgrade Your Existing Fence

House With White Picket Fence
Your home already has a fence, so why should you consider replacing it? Here are reasons why a fence upgrade is best for your property.

Your Fence's Bad Side Faces Out

While a fence typically adds curb appeal to a property, if the bad (construction) side of your fence faces out toward the street, you aren't doing your home any favors. Disgruntled neighbors are also likely to not appreciate having your fence border their property when they have to stare at the constructed side while the finished side sits on the interior of your landscape.
This is a common neighborhood issue that can be easily remedied by having your fence upgraded. Or if your fence is in current good condition, your fencing contractor can reinstall the same materials so the more attractive side faces out towards the street.

Your Fence Is Older

Regardless of what materials your fence is made of (wood, vinyl, chain-link, aluminum, or other material), the fence will eventually begin to deteriorate with time and ample use. Your older fence may show signs of age, including:
  • Leaning or tilting
  • Uneven, stuck gates
  • Tears, rips, or missing panels
  • Fading or cracking
You may be able to repair your older fence by adding new support posts and replacing broken areas. In some cases, it's cheaper to replace the fence entirely — speak to your fencing contractor to see which option is best for you.

Your Fence Doesn't Meet Your Needs

If your fence doesn't serve the purpose you need, then it's time to upgrade. Common reasons for upgrading a fence include:
  • Needing a taller fence
  • Needing better curb appeal ​
  • Needing greater privacy
  • Needing better protection
Some fences are better designed for certain tasks than others. For example, a vinyl fence has a streamlined appearance and can be decorative (picket-style) or private in its installation. Chain-link is a classic fencing approach and is ideal for security but not for privacy unless you add vinyl slats between links. Ornamental fencing adds curb appeal but lacks privacy — although high security is a plus.
Changes in your household, such as getting a pet, adding children to the home, or making improvements to your landscape, can justify the need to upgrade your fence. Discuss your fencing options with your fencing contractor.

Your Fence Violates Zoning Laws

City ordinances in your area determine how tall your fence can be, what condition it can be in, and where it can be located. These ordinances can be especially strict when it comes to front and side fencing that faces out toward the street.
If you've received a complaint from a neighbor or city council member that your fence is in violation of your city's zoning laws, even if the structure was in place when you bought your home, then you'll need to replace your fence.
Choose a fencing contractor who is familiar with your city's zoning laws (including how close to a neighboring property line your fence can be built) to install your new fence and avoid legal problems in the future.
A new fence adds vitality to your property and gives your home's exterior a fresh new appearance. Depending on your budget and the material you choose, your fencing project can cost as little as $2,388. Your fencing contractor will give you an estimate for your fencing install needs, comparing different materials and their costs for you to aide in your decision.
Save old fencing material to be used for other projects in your landscape, or ask your fencing contractor to dispose of your old fence for you. Our specialists at Gulf Coast Fence Co. will address all your fencing needs today. Contact us today to get started.


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