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Why Chain Link Is All the Residential Fencing You Need

Chain Link Fence
You want to install a fence on your property to increase your home's curb appeal and make your landscape a safer area for your kids and pets to be in. If you don’t know what kind of fence you want, you have many options to choose from: ornamental, wood, chain link, and even vinyl fencing are all materials you can consider for your fencing project.
Chain link is a popular and common choice for many homeowners, and for good reason. Discover why chain link may be all the residential fencing you need for your home.

Chain Link Is Attractive

A chain link fence is a streamlined, classic approach to fencing. Installed professionally, chain link complements any current exterior home design and adds curb appeal to your property with the fencing's clean lines.
Chain link is also available in a vinyl coated style to add even more attraction to your property. Vinyl coated chain link comes in a variety of hues, although black and dark brown are common colors, to make chain link more modern and alluring  — not to mention even more durable.

Chain Link Is Easy to Install

A major benefit of chain link fencing is how quickly the material can be installed on your property. If you've recently bought a home but want a fence put in before your move-in date, or you simply want a new fence quickly, chain link is the best option for your fencing needs.

Chain Link Is Affordable

Chain link is the cheapest fencing option on the market today, costing around $7 per square foot (not including labor, which carries an additional cost). By comparison, a vinyl fence costs around $17 per square foot.
With less installation costs, you can upgrade your chain link fence to a taller privacy fence (common privacy fences are six feet or taller, depending on municipality allowances) or a more ornate, vinyl-coated fence.

Chain Link Is Durable

The average chain link fence lasts up to 20 years with regular care and maintenance. Chain link (especially galvanized or vinyl coated styles) is very durable, difficult to damage, and will not rust under varying weather conditions. The thicker the gauge in your fencing material, the more durable and long-lasting your fence can be.
To make your chain link fence last longer, have the fencing material installed by a professional fencing company, even if you feel confident you can install your fence on your own. You should also not allow vines or other plants to grow up your fence, as the weight of plant life can wear your fence down.

Chain Link Is Low-Maintenance

Once installed, chain link fencing does not need to be treated, painted, or sealed to keep the material safe from weather elements. Your largest investment in maintaining your chain link fence will often lie in keeping the fence tight to prevent buckling, leaning, or gaps in your fence connections.
Since chain link posts are firmly cemented in the ground and the fencing material is pulled tight to custom-fit your property, you can enjoy your fence for many years without worrying about your fence failing.
There are other types of fencing you can consider for your home as well, such as wood, aluminum, vinyl, and other materials, but in many cases, chain link is just as beneficial as other types of fencing, and certainly cheaper. Speak to your fencing specialist about any concerns you have about chain link or fencing in general for your property, especially if you have a specific budget you are adhering to.
A fence adds security and allure to your home. Call our fencing experts at Gulf Coast Fence Co. to discuss your fencing needs. We can set an appointment for you today


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